Best Home Improvements that Add Value

SuniWhen it comes to home renovations, there are certain options that tend to boost the value of a property more than others. One of the most important rooms you should consider updating is the kitchen. Many a home buyer has made the decision to make an immediate offer based on just the kitchen. Thankfully there are many great renovations you can make to this area that can more than be covered by the resulting appreciation in the value of the house. One key renovation that can secure a quick house sale is countertops.  In a good house, opting to invest in a beautiful marble countertop is a good way to add value. Even in cheaper housing, you can still bring in the same appeal by opting for new laminate or wood countertops. Make sure that your choice complements the rest of the kitchen, especial the walls and cabinets. You can easily update these areas with repainting and re-facing.

Also consider investing in a splashback for the kitchen and bathrooms. They can even be LED lit to help bring in more light and a contemporary feel. Lighting fixtures are another cost effective renovation. Track lighting and recessed lighting options offer the best appeal. Any investment in the home that makes it energy efficient is also greatly appreciated. From LED lights to triple glazing on windows, look at areas you can improve upon to ensure lower energy bills.

Also work on creating a hassle free outdoor area. Installing a sprinkler system and planting low maintenance grass and plants will be a big draw. Also work on curb appeal. Let the drive be lit up by solar powered lamps and have a gardener spruce up your front yard. A tidy front yard and freshly painted front door is sure to make the right first impression on buyers.

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