The Most Affordable Home Renovations to Boost Value

SuniOne thing that realtors often advice when homeowners desire to sell house fast is renovations. However not all home renovations will add the requisite kind of value you will need to encourage a sale. It is best to focus on renovations that add value and will be more appealing to buyers, rather than just yourself. One important renovation is to the front yard. Investing in some great landscaping features, lighting and even painting the front door can help to lure in more prospective buyers. This is often referred to as curb appeal. Lighting is equally important because some savvy buyers often revisit the house at night to see what it looks like in the evening and with good lighting you can still keep them impressed.

Lighting up your interior is another good idea. People love the look of well lit rooms and you can actually make them feel more spacious. Take advantage of simple lighting features in the kitchen and bathrooms to make them less gloomy. If your kitchen is older, you do not need a complete refurbishment. A lick of new paint, re-facing the cabinet doors and investing in new pulls and knobs are a few good ways to update it on a tight budget.

You can also make similar renovations in the bathroom by installing new light fixtures like track lighting and a new tap and faucet. Adding crown molding, a new mirror and repainting can also make the room brighter. Also give some thought to decorating the basement and attic. When prospective buyers see they can actually make constructive use of these areas, you can help invite stronger interest. You can easily turn these spaces into extra bedrooms or work spaces. If your budget allows, consider updating your internal systems like electrical, heating and plumbing, especially if it is an older house.


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